To produce retreaded tyres whose quality, safety, performance and respect for the environment make them the best choice for the drivers of the third millennium.

This is the mission of Marix, and one that can be achieved by exploiting world-leading know-how and experience in retreading.

Marix is a trademark of Marangoni Group, one of the few corporations whose businesses manage the entire life cycle of the tyre, from the design and construction of retreading machinery and systems to the production of new tyres. Being part of this Group means synergies at all levels, translating into the availability of leading-edge technology.

For Marix, inspection systems are used that can identify even the smallest defects in the tyre, both in the tread and the structure, as well as winter compounds that stand out for their exceptional grip. This is the result of the continuous research conducted by the Group, a leader in various retreading sectors, including tyres for heavy transport, industrial and earthmoving applications.

This enormous know-how gives rise to retreads for motor cars, 4x4s and light transport vehicles, whose evolution in terms of safety and performance run hand-in-hand with the advances in the production of new tyres.

Everything you can now ask from a tyre, Marix delivers: a wide and diversified range (summer, winter, 4x4 for road travel mainly as well as for extreme off-road conditions, light transport, all season); high speed ratings (up to W, corresponding to 270 km/h) for the most powerful cars; latest-generation tread patterns, for safety and comfort on all road surfaces.