Cost savings and respect for the environment: these are the two main reasons underlying the purchase of a retreaded tyre. However, this does not mean that something else needs to be sacrificed in return. In all regards, from safety to performance, a latest-generation retreaded tyre is nowadays comparable to a new product.

Here are some outstanding points in its favour.

In Europe, retreaded tyres must pass exactly the same tests and checks as new tyres. Trucks and buses typically use tyres that have been retreaded even various times, while airplanes may use tyres that have been retreaded up to 6-7 times.
In Italy, environmental protection legislation (2002 budget law no. 448, art. 52, paragraph 14) obliges public administration bodies to buy at least 20% retreads when purchasing spare tyres for their fleets of motor cars and commercial and industrial vehicles.
Retreading represents the best way to help the environment and at the same time save money, so much so that the process is actively supported by the EU. Less use of raw materials, less casings to dispose of, greater savings for the user: the perfect product for the new millennium. Cutting-edge technology means that retreads have now reached levels of performance and duration that are comparable with those offered by new tyres.

Being able to rely on brands with proven experience is what counts the most, and for these applications Marix is the most important in the world.