Marix Ecology 4x4 Cruise 

A new innovative 4x4 tyre for SUV’s which favours driving giving excellent comfort, precision and great stability in any situation. As our entire range of 4x4, this product has been tested by M+S.

  Size  Pattern  M+S   Weave  l.i..  s.s. Nails
  205R16  (205/80R16)    CRUISE   M+S     104  S 
  215/70R16      CRUISE   M+S     100  T 
  235/70R16      CRUISE   M+S     106  T 
  245/70R16      CRUISE   M+S     107  T 
  215/65R16      CRUISE   M+S     98  T 
  255/65R16      CRUISE   M+S     109  T 
  235/60R16      CRUISE   M+S     100  T