Marix Ecology 4x4 LION  Its aggressive design makes it particularly suitable for extreme off road use. The directional tread is a combination of a double band of central nubs with oversized sculptures on the shoulder for excellent traction on any terrain.
  Size  Pattern  M+S   Wave  l.i.  s.s.  Nails
  195R15      LION   M+S     96  Q 
  205/70R15      LION   M+S     96  Q 
  255/70R15      LION   M+S     108  N 
  235/85R16      LION   M+S     120  Q 
  175/80R16      LION   M+S     101  Q 
  205R16  (205/80R16)    LION   M+S     104  Q 
  185/75R16      LION   M+S     104  Q 
  265/75R16      LION   M+S     112  Q 
  285/75R16 LION    M+S   122
  265/70R16      LION   M+S     112  Q 
  255/65R16      LION   M+S     109  N