Marix  Ecology 4x4 MPC 

A studdable 4x4 tyre, suitable for all kinds of use. The multiple grooves allow the water and the snow to flow out of the pattern easily. Optimum comfort and reduced noise level at any speed. The special thermic compound and the sipes offer maximum grip even in the most extreme temperatures.

  Size  Pattern  M+S   Weave  l.i.  s.s.  Nails
  195R15      MPC   M+S     96  S  136

195R15 EL MPC   M+S     100  Q  136
  205/70R15      MPC   M+S     96  T  137
  205/70R15 EL MPC
  100  S
  225/70R15      MPC   M+S     100  S  130
  205R16  (205/80R16)    MPC   M+S     104  S  152
  215/70R16      MPC   M+S     100  T  148
  245/70R16      MPC   M+S     107  S  140
  215/65R16      MPC   M+S     98  T  130
  255/65R16      MPC   M+S     109  T  140
  235/60R16      MPC   M+S     100  T  130