ES-01 Plus

Marix ES-01 plus 

The new tread design sheds water externally and minimizes hydroplaning. Besides the lateral grooves, the two oversized central channels demonstrate an incredible grip on wet surfaces. Not to mention the central sculpture along the circumference which gives a perfect directional hold at high speeds. The design offers an excellent combination of high performance, comfort, durability and silence.

Size Pattern l.i. s.s.
New 175/65R15 ES-01 PLUS 84 H
215/65R15 ES-01 PLUS 96 H
185/60R15 ES-01 PLUS 84 H
205/55R16 ES-01 PLUS 91 V
225/55R16 ES-01 PLUS 95 W
Until stock depletion
205/50R17 ES-01 PLUS 89 W
Until stock depletion 195/45R15 ES-01 PLUS 78 V
225/45R17 ES-01 PLUS 91 W
225/40R18 ES-01 PLUS 88 W