Marix ES-01 

A high and ultra high performance tyre, featuring an innovative unidirectional arrow-shaped pattern design. Excellent performance, and high levels of comfort are its main strengths. The two deep, central channels and the lateral grooves provide outstanding wet grip while the main central rib ensures perfect directional stability at high speeds. The special compound is made for superior performance also in dry conditions.

Size Pattern l.i. s.s.
185/65R14 ES-01 86 H
185/65R15 ES-01 88 H
195/65R15 ES-01 91 V
205/65R15 ES-01 94 H
185/60R14 ES-01 82 H
195/60R15 ES-01 88 H
185/55R14 ES-01 80 H
185/55R15 ES-01 82 V
195/55R15 ES-01 85 V
215/55R16 ES-01 93 W
195/50R15 ES-01 82 V
205/50R16 ES-01 87 V
Until stock depletion 195/45R16 ES-01 80 V
Until stock depletion 205/45R16 ES-01 83 V
215/45R17 ES-01 87 W
235/45R17 ES-01 94 W