Marix Ecotrac 

Tyre with uni-directional pattern design, in T and H speed ratings, featuring thick sipes and a special thermic compound resistant to low temperatures. The tread design includes a central groove to obtain maximum directional stability even
on snowy surfaces. The two smooth but severe grooves provide optimum performance on snow, water and in mud. The high level of comfort and low noise has been reached thanks to the variable pitch tread pattern.

Size Pattern M+S l.i. s.s.
165/70R14 ECOTRAC M+S 81 T
Poor availability 155/65R13 ECOTRAC M+S 73 T
Poor availability 165/65R14 ECOTRAC M+S 79 T
205/60R16 ECOTRAC M+S 92 H
185/55R14 ECOTRAC M+S 80 H
185/55R15 ECOTRAC M+S 82 H